Digital Implant
Restorative and Full Arch Workflows

Digital Custom Abutments, PMMA Hybrid Planning/Design/Fabrication, 3D Printing, and LIVE demo full-arch surgery and digital hybrid conversion!

2020 Dates
May 29-30: Irvine, CA
October 2-3: Richmond, VA

The spectrum of options for implant restorations in the digital age is daunting. Stock abutments? Expensive lab-fabricated custom abutments? What about using my mill? Ti-bases? It's time for some clarity!

This course outlines the digital workflow options you're afforded with today's technology. Learn how to leverage your CAD/CAM technology to maximize patient comfort, clinical outcome and financial cost effectiveness. Learn how to mill screw-retained restorations, plan full-arch edentulous cases for digital pre-surgical hybrid design/fabrication via CAD software and 3D printing, design and mill/print presurgical anatomically accurate provisionals. Clear the confusion on multiunit abutments, ti-bases and screwmentable restorations.


Come have your mind blown!

Irvine, CA
Richmond, VA

Redefined CE.

The Foundry G.C.

Coupled with top flight education, course attendees will experience a weekend of great food, camaraderie, entertainment, a round of caddied golf at one of the premier private courses in Virginia, and on site lodging for 3 nights-- all adding up to a complete reimagination of the 'dental education experience'.