Conservative CAD/CAM Ceramics:
Prep and Principles

Prep Design, Material Selection and Science, Characterization, Finishing and Cementation

2020 Dates
January 10-11: Denver, CO
June 12-13: Chicago, IL
Sept 11-12: Richmond, VA

This course covers the spectrum of indirect adhesive dentistry in today's digital world-- prep design, material selection, scan techniques, restorative design tips/tricks, milling and characterization how-to's, and adhesive bonding protocols.

In addition to lecture-style learning, course attendees will get ample hands-on experience prepping typodont models in Are You Numb Yet's beautiful facility, as well as milling and characterizing of various restorations throughout the weekend. This course is designed for users both new and experienced. Join us, and take your CAD/CAM knowledge to an entirely new level! Learn pearls of wisdom for applying these techniques to your practices on Monday morning. 

Denver, CO
Chicago (June)
Richmond, VA

Redefined CE.

The Foundry G.C.

Coupled with top flight education, course attendees will experience a weekend of great food, camaraderie, entertainment, a round of caddied golf at one of the premier private courses in Virginia, and on site lodging for 3 nights-- all adding up to a complete reimagination of the 'dental education experience'.