Digital Dentistry 
Daily 3D Workflows 

A cookbook recipe of digital dentistry workflows- from CAD/CAM adhesive ceramics to 3D CBCT implant planning, 3D-Printing and everything in between!

Oct 23-24, 2020: Lexington, KY

Join Drs. Don Murry and Tony Mennito as they traverse through the world of all things digital dentistry. A implied approach to real-world, everyday digital dentistry as a team-driven, profit-producing, patient-centric modality for practice growth, doctor happiness, and clinic efficiency. Come learn it for yourself (it's not rocket science, promise!)


Minimally-prepped adhesive ceramic dentistry can be a singular game-changer in one's practice. Superior clinical outcome and patient comfort from in-house CAD/CAM milling. Intraoral digital scanning beat PVS any day!

From diagnostic models and digital waxups, to clear aligners and implant surgical guides, you'll be ready to install CBCT and 3D-printing technologies into your clinical arsenal on Monday! Come learn from trained practitioners and be on the cutting edge of digital dentistry. 

Coupled with top-flight education, course attendees will gain hands-on experience in digital CAD/CAM software, 3D printing practice on various printers, guided surgery and CAD preps on printed typodonts. They'll experience a weekend of great food, fun, camaraderie and local lodging (thurs, fri, and sat nights). We'll cheer on horses, taste some local distillery's best whiskies, and enjoy some live jazz music! -- a complete reimagination of the 'dental education' experience.